Pictures from the 2019 Tour de Lyme

Thank you to the photographers who took fantastic pictures!
Joe Standart, Sue Cope, Deb Swaney Jones, Ellen Falbowski, Ted Falbowski, Alex Falbowski, Debra Joy, Julia Werth and Barbara Singer

The Start

Road Bikers 2019

Mountain Bikers 2019

Family Ride 2019

The Picnic

Pictures from the 2018 Tour de Lyme

Thank you to our fantastic photographers Torrance York, Waverly Walters, Sue Cope, Ellen Falbowski, Alex Falbowski, Skip Hine and Barb Singer

The Start

Road Bikers 2018

Mountain Bikers 2018

Family Riders 2018

The Picnic

Pictures from 2017 Tour de Lyme

The Start

Road Bikers 2017

Mountain Bikers 2017

Family Riders 2017

The Picnic

A big thank you to our 2017 volunteer photographers Torrance York, Mary Guitar and Humphrey Tyler.