Why become a Tour de Lyme Sponsor?

Tour de Lyme offers sponsors a special opportunity…

We understand preserving and protecting open space is often not a highly emotional cause, but studies show people can avoid many serious illnesses if they connect with nature, spend quality time outdoors, and stay fit. Riding a bike provides exercise and a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bike enthusiasts in the region already know Lyme as a biker’s paradise. The Lyme Land Trust’s mission to protect our rural, scenic and natural landscape has resulted in the preservation of scenic vistas and long stretches of quiet roads winding through uninterrupted forest. Bike really enjoy the safety and serenity of our lightly traveled country roads with great views.

Our conservation land management responsibilities have grown dramatically over the past 50 years to where we now protect almost 3,000 acres of land. Our many preserves, open at no charge to the public, benefit the region, not just Lyme.  As a sponsor you can help us maintain and expand this regional treasure.

2017 Sponsor Information Packet

If you have additional questions please contact:

George Moore, Executive Director at 860-434-4639 or email george.moore@lymelandtrust.org